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Exclusive Service

Among the innumerable services offered by our Company the most special one is represented for sure by our Live Streaming webcast service of any event taking place on site and also video calls through Skype.
The protagonists of the day may require at the end of the ceremony the tape of their event that had been skilfully coordinated by the director who stays at the upper part of the hall.
All this is made passible thanks to a sophisticated camera system placed in any section of the hall and directed by the operator who can follow any single moment of the event without resulting indiscreet.

Using two in the vaults integrated maxi screens, which come down and go up disappearing again inside the vaults, guests may enjoy the most suggestive moments of the wedding and watch what bride and groom had reserved for them, as beaming their recollection shots, the pre-wedding video or simply a video call.
The taken video of the banquet can be watched in Live Streaming on our internet website by any interested person being authorized by a password, generally speaking relatives and friends who were unable to participate at the wedding.
Not only, it is also possible to send best wishes messages or doing some video calls through skype that bride and groom can watch on our maxi screens.
“La Rondine” is the sole one in Italy offering this Wedding service.